I got milk!!

Today we were just about to close the hospital when we got a phone call: please wait for us as we rescued one mother dog from the hands of the dog catchers!! And after 20 minutes here she was: a heavily lactating mother ! Skinny and hungry and with a huge amount of milk blocked in her breasts- a sign that her pups were not around her for some days. We called a wonderful rescuer that just found a litter of pups and was struggling to bottle feed them puppy formula. Hopefully she will accept the new pups and help them grow .



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Go north!!


We receive many requests for help and they come from all over the country and we try to help establish a local ongoing spay and neuter project so that the overpopulation is dealt with in a humane and durable way. Vatra Dornei is a little resort – town in North Romania and we received a cry for help and we decided to help here as there is support of the city hall and from the local people. A second town that cried for help is Comanesti about 200 south from Vatra Dornei on the road from Bucharest. There is a shelter with 1000 dogs and the lady who runs it believes that spay and neuter is the key to solve the stray animal problem in this town with only 20000 people. We boarded the van and on the way we dropped two vets in Comanesti and arrived in Vatra Dornei in the evening with 3 vets and 2 nurses. Today there were 88 animals we managed to operate. Long hours and continuous work. Tomorrow we work again as more animals await to be neutered. There is nothing like the big smile on people’s faces when they pick up their dogs. Today we saw a beautiful rainbow over the town at the end of the day !! We love our work!!!


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Homeless doesn’t mean hopeless!!

20140426-233933.jpg Few words about HAH. HAH is a project launched by Romania Animal Rescue a registered charity ( 501 c3) in the USA that is active in Romania but also international through Animal Spay Neuter International. HAH is a project hosted by the Familyvet second opinion practice and its vets and staff dedicate their time and skills to homeless animals or animals in need that have little means to take care of their dogs or cats. The cases we see at HAH are incredible: from abandoned healthy animals to dogs with pelvic fractures or hit by trains. We function like a trauma center and major surgeries for the poor animals are a common thing. Fracture repair, tumor removals, amputations , chemotherapy are seen every day . We count on donations to improve our facility and to have an own building and lots of support staff and enough financial independence to be able to help on a regular basis and to be powerful stronghold for the animals in need. We strongly believe that we will have more and more supporters that would choose to help us on a regular basis which is decisive for a medical facility like HAH. Mainly this is what we want to be a “Factory of hope” for the unlucky ones like the dog above. He is old and for sure he had a home but for some reason he was on the streets unadapted and injured badly. We gave him the first aid and now we hope to find a foster place for him . I will keep u updated with his new course in life. Thank you for reading this!

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Flowers anyone?!

20140406-124302.jpg Spring has come to Romania and everybody is happy the hard winter is gone and long forgotten. The dog catchers go all over the city to catch the stray dogs that are now to be destroyed after the new dog law. Today i want to show you a particular type of stray dogs we have here. The ” Flower Shop dog” this is the same type of dogs with the tyre shop dogs or with the car wash dogs . They are in the care of the little shop they live around. They are semi strays and they are like symbols for those shops. They are spayed , fed and very very friendly and gentle. This dog from the flower shop is safe from the dog catchers as the flower lady hides him when the pound comes in the neighbourhood. They are taken to the vet when they are ill and everybody likes them . HAH is always there help these dogs when they are brought in and we are happy to be able help. I invite you stay tuned see our work and make the smallest contribution towards helping the animals in need. Thank you.

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Doing the best you can

20140327-000323.jpgThis man brought his little female dog in because she was trembling and fitting! She had too many and too hungry mouths to feed and she developed a big drop in
calcium . We treated dog and she made a good recovery. I promissed this guy that we will spay the dog for free if only he would agree . And this day came !!! This little dog will never reproduce starting today and will have a care free life. The owner sells pet bottltes and for sure this help will his family off big expences at the vets!!!H.A.H helps individuals keep their pets healthy of course because our resources are limited we can only provide basic care but this means the world to these pets that live in poor holmes or shelters!

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My name is ?


Every single day we receive cases that need intensive care and special atention . This pup was found on the streets and as he did not have apetite he was brought to HAH to be examined and helped to be again happy and playful. Imagine this pup alone on the streets he had no chance if was not for the rescuer that picked him up and offered shelter. The struggle is to get into people’s minds and to prevent unwanted litters. The more animals on the street the less valued they are by the general public so this thing must change for the sake of the poor animals that are born without a chance to survive and be loved .

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Blood drop

It is late and almost closing time when this beautiful chow female dog – Red Star entered the door with the complain not eating for several days. Blood work and examination shows severe anemia and she needs a transfusion to keep her alive and help her make it . Diagnosis: BABESIOSIS! a disease often seen in the area . The donor was Justin , a stray dog that lives on the same street with the chow chow . He gladly donated to save the chows life – he is the today’s hero . Thank u Justin the blood donor stray dog !


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