First spring day

Today all the nurses in the clinic received flowers as a sign of the soon arriving spring. After the opening hours the phone rings and a crying desperate voice says: ” please please help us with our dog that is in labour and can not give birth. We called several clinics but we can not afford the estimate price!”. I could not let the poor dog die in pain and I waited for the dog to arrive from 60 km away. She was almost dead and we entered her into surgery asap. Now she is recovering with us overnight and we are waiting for her to recover. The 3 yr old Tutu a black poodle lives at a farm in the village and has little care from owners . Spaying her would have prevented her having this problem but the local vet does not know how to operate dogs …



20140301-221754.jpg . Follow up with Tutu: she made a spectacular recovery with the great help of her family and now we are monitoring her closely.

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One Response to First spring day

  1. Eppey Gunn says:

    so often we hear horrific stories, so it is lovely to read about a vets practice that does care and does a lot to help – the animals would thank you if they had a voice – instead I want to say ‘thank you for caring’

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