Run away train

There is something about trains that we love and everyone will tell something different about what makes trains special. One thing about them is that they DO NOT STOP if there is an obstacle in their path. In our case this sweet dog was ran over by train more than one year ago and both hind legs were severed and one front leg was injured. So she had  1.5 legs left  . You would think that a stray dog would die from an accident like this but not her … her wounds healed and she continued her life between the rail tracks and gave birth couple of times  as the instinct did not care about her impairment. She was found by the local animal lovers and brought in to be spayed before adoption. We checked her wounds and i must say i could have sworn those wounds were made by a skilled surgeon. Her story is a happy end story but we need to do our best to ensure that there are less dogs on the streets that can not defend themselves and have a very sad fate .It is our responsibility to promote spay and neuter and responsible pet ownership so that the number of street dogs decrease and in the near future we do not see any street dogs.

image image

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