March (37)8

Woke up at 7 am to be able to make it to Giurgiu town (60 km south from Bucharest). Plan was to inspect the conditions in the public shelter and have an overview about this pound. A guardian asks for my Id and writes down my detailes. Outside is raining cats and dogs and has been like this for a week now. I enter this shelter that has two yards both with 4 rows of kennels. There are 378 souls at this moment in the shelter. I see dogs that come to greet me, others are frightened and others look skinny and sick. Place is filthy and gives the feeling of a nazi camp. Only kennels and two little barracks where guardians live and the food is stored. One barrack is intended to be a veterinary ward. I look from the window and see nothing inside apart of a table. I ask the guardian if the vet treats the dogs here and answer was” i do not know”.


20140309-193719.jpg this shelter is actually a place where dogs are rounded up and their future is uncertain. The law says they are about to be put to sleep but in an orthodox countries and this is not that easy to accomplish as no mayor wants to be labeled as ” killer” . With these conditions the dogs face a silent death with a very low adoption rate among Romanians who rather buy a 300 euro pet shop bischon than adopting a mutt or mix breed dog. Authorities have no plans what to do with the dogs and how to solve this serious problem and unfortunately in most of the towns the town salubrisation service is in charge with animal control which says a lot about the optics of the politicians ….

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5 Responses to March (37)8

  1. tami says:

    ok ,,,, so , what is best ? to leave them in this condition in the shelter or to put them to sleep ?

    • Best is that we do all in our power to prevent such places to have a reason to emprison the dogs .

      • tamara says:

        we do this but it s not only about us …. there are most of the people who dont give a second of their life attention for such problems …. and they are majority …

    • nancy says:

      only spay/neuter and funding for it will prevent this endless suffering Tami. Without funding for spay/neuter programs, the cycle of misery and corruption will never ever end. People need to get serious about this if they really and truly WANT change.

  2. Katri Kovanen says:

    THIS is what REALLY happens to the dogs caught by dogcatchers in Romania…

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