Homeless doesn’t mean hopeless!!

20140426-233933.jpg Few words about HAH. HAH is a project launched by Romania Animal Rescue a registered charity ( 501 c3) in the USA that is active in Romania but also international through Animal Spay Neuter International. HAH is a project hosted by the Familyvet second opinion practice and its vets and staff dedicate their time and skills to homeless animals or animals in need that have little means to take care of their dogs or cats. The cases we see at HAH are incredible: from abandoned healthy animals to dogs with pelvic fractures or hit by trains. We function like a trauma center and major surgeries for the poor animals are a common thing. Fracture repair, tumor removals, amputations , chemotherapy are seen every day . We count on donations to improve our facility and to have an own building and lots of support staff and enough financial independence to be able to help on a regular basis and to be powerful stronghold for the animals in need. We strongly believe that we will have more and more supporters that would choose to help us on a regular basis which is decisive for a medical facility like HAH. Mainly this is what we want to be a “Factory of hope” for the unlucky ones like the dog above. He is old and for sure he had a home but for some reason he was on the streets unadapted and injured badly. We gave him the first aid and now we hope to find a foster place for him . I will keep u updated with his new course in life. Thank you for reading this!

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