Go north!!


We receive many requests for help and they come from all over the country and we try to help establish a local ongoing spay and neuter project so that the overpopulation is dealt with in a humane and durable way. Vatra Dornei is a little resort – town in North Romania and we received a cry for help and we decided to help here as there is support of the city hall and from the local people. A second town that cried for help is Comanesti about 200 south from Vatra Dornei on the road from Bucharest. There is a shelter with 1000 dogs and the lady who runs it believes that spay and neuter is the key to solve the stray animal problem in this town with only 20000 people. We boarded the van and on the way we dropped two vets in Comanesti and arrived in Vatra Dornei in the evening with 3 vets and 2 nurses. Today there were 88 animals we managed to operate. Long hours and continuous work. Tomorrow we work again as more animals await to be neutered. There is nothing like the big smile on people’s faces when they pick up their dogs. Today we saw a beautiful rainbow over the town at the end of the day !! We love our work!!!


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