Stop! Rewind ! Judge! Erase! Think big!

Romania . Indeed, in a european country that once had the most advanced constitution in Europe ( 1923) after almost 100 years we are struggling with a abusive law that kills any dog caught on the street and does nothing to prevent these animals to be on the streets. Sad, very sad! Death is most of the times a relief after being put in a horrible shelter awaiting the final moment . Every time you step in one of those municipal shelters u risk to have a psychological trauma. These are killing stations and nothing like an adoption center. Nobody will ever come here with his family to look at the dogs, it is filthy and very very noisy. The staff is untrained and should have never qualified for such a job. There is a general lack of LOVE! So these dogs rarely receive second chance they are doomed! A new law needs to address the cause : overpopulation ! As an example i must say that 99% of the new graduated vets have no idea how to humanely sterilize a dog. They are afraid of anesthesia and the technique is barbaric in a country that kills thousands of dogs every month . This is only one cause of the overpopulation of pets. Awareness about this problem is present mainly on the web and social networks . In the rural areas there is no such thing as dog and cat animal welfare! The ones that care of the animals focus on hoarding them in so called shelters where sometimes there is a lack of basic elements such as water and shelter… The despair generates actually more misery in many many cases. I am the head veterinarian of Romania Animal Rescue – Animal Spay Neuter International and we focus mainly on four directions : 1 mass free sterilization projects with real professionals that perform state of the art surgeries and so far we are at 33000 surgeries in the last 10 years mostly done after 2008 in various locations including M.A.S.H like facilities . 2 Veterinary training for dedicated vets that understand the need for sterilisation of pets 3 . Education for the future generation that is actually a “ace in the sleeve ” and we have funded the print of more than 14000 booklets for schools and teachers 4 . Veterinary care free of charge for homeless animals in shelters and living in poor families . For this we started the ” Homeless Animal Hospital” that helped more than 1000 animals only in 2014. We dedicate our time our energy to the animal cause and we will go on! Your help is welcome and needed to enable us help more animals , faster and better ! Here are the videos about our work : More info at . Thank you for reading this!

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