Somebody up there watches us!

One day i got a phone call from Luana saying that she just found a dog on the highway that needs surgery. I meet with her at the clinic and look at the x rays two legs fractured one front and one hind leg. Very painful lesions that needed stabilization asap . Funds for the surgery and implants were also a problem but Luana fundraised for Sixty . The hind leg surgery went very well but the front leg fracture did not go as planned and we had to redo the surgery. The stabilization was very poor and the prognostic was poor that she will be able to walk again pain free and amputation was imminent. The dog got the name Sixty( the place where she was found on highway – km 60). Sixty was the sweetest dog ever and i was extremely sad we needed a miracle to save the leg from amputation. Yet the dice were not yet rolled… Sixty had a guardian angel – Luana a young vet but very enthusiastic and a fighter for the animals. She designed a special cast and for more than a month she took Sixty out to pee or poo carrying her so that she would not move her front leg. Sixty needed a miracle and the miracle happened : the leg healed perfectly and i can tell you : if it was not for Luana Sixty would be a tripod today if not dead on the highway. The picture shows clearly Sixty was soaking wet and cold and injured. Unfortunately Luana left us after a horrible accident in August this year. She lost an impossible battle and for her a miracle did not happen although she deserved it! Animal lost an fighting hero and won an angel in the sky that watches us for sure! We see you smile in every rescued animal we see. This text is dedicated in her loving memory and for all dogs that are wounded on Highways in Romania and in the world!





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2 Responses to Somebody up there watches us!

  1. 😦

    a flower for Luana at the end of 2014 !

  2. Ida Eliza Aarmo says:

    Beautiful ❤

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