Black dog – 3 surgeries !

I started my shift knowing there is a severely wounded dog awaiting for me at the clinic. Here she was : 6 kg emaciated female dog that looked at me with warm eyes you could barely see through the thick hair covering her face. She was ran over by someone that could not afford the treatments but was kind enough to seek help and there we were for him. Dog had a bad pelvis injury and a bone fracture in her forelimb. Basically she could not move at all because of the pain and we needed to perform a major surgery so that she will be pain free and able to walk again. As she was emaciated her body tenperature dropped at the end of the first surgery so we had to postpone the second one which we did the next day. After a couple if days she could walk again. The person that ran her over adopted her and she gas now a second safe life. Before she went home she underwent a third major operation : we trimmed her hair so we could see clearly her beautiful eyes !!!





/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/07e/62963129/files/2014/12/img_8143.jpg here is a little video at the clinic

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2 Responses to Black dog – 3 surgeries !

  1. How wonderful!!! And she got a home too! Thank you for your wonderful work!!!

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