2nd time lucky

Beautiful old towns like Craiova Romania have most of the times awful shelters. Animals are not respected and not even treated with minimum love. Managers insist that all animals that leave the shelter to be sterilized. Puffy the doggie in the picture was sterilized at the public shelter and today she was brought to us as she kept attracting males. The wound was not healed since the first surgery 6 months ago. We decided to open her abdomen and see what the problem was and if we can fix it. We found sutures that looked like pirate ropes , uterus almost intact and a part of the right ovary in a big adhesion with the kidney, pancreas urinary bladder and peritoneum. Have we postponed the surgery she would have surely died slowly and painful. We helped this dog gladly she received antibiotics and painkillers and her caretaker is really happy!!! We made a dog healthy again – we made our day!!!


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