Black Jackie

It is a rainy day . Very cold and windy and the vet team is ready to call it a day when two people bring in a black pittbull female dog that is bleeding heavily. The dog is taken immediately to the exam room and we find a vaginal hemoragic prolaps which was caused by mating with a way bigger male. The female dog was operated immediately and the bleeding was stopped. A much needed spay surgery was performed and we were awaiting the people take it bavk home. Our suprise was that the people did not want the dog anymore so they asked us to take the dog and reading between the lines they threatened to dump the dog …. We started making calls and in 20 minutes we found a solution for her- brother of one of our nurses came to see her and fell in live with her on the spot . We named her Jackie and it is a wonderful feeling to know that we were part in her new beginning in life a safe one. We dedicate her story to all our lovely supporters and friends. HAH team.



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