Pit stop to save a life !

This stray tiny girl gave birth to a dead puppy last Wednesday, but nobody knew there was another one coming. Last evening she went into labor again, so the ladies who take care of her in the street took her to see a vet, but he said there are no more puppies. The ladies took the tiny girl home where they tried to help her give birth, but couldn’t.The R.A.R. team was just packing after the Bacau free spay/neuter campaign – location was 50 km north from the town where the little dog lived, when we were called and asked if we are still in the area. Our vets stopped on the road home Sunday evening and performed emergency caesarian and spay. Unfortunately the pups were already dead but we could save the little mommy. She has a name : Sweet litlle Aggie will now be fostered in UK, so she will never go back to the streets. Our vet team and Aggie says thank you to you all people that support our work!!!


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