Surprise box

We have seen many surprise boxes but thisparticular one is special. The box was found in a winter morning when the person left for work. In the box there was this sweet cocker spaniel puppy that moves a bitfunny with the hind legs. He took the puppy in his home but he already had two dogs and a third one was a bit too much for the house so the gentleman asked HAH for help. Next day the puppy got adopted by one of our nurses!!!


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3 Responses to Surprise box

  1. Fantastic! What a lucky puppy!!!

  2. I think that is a really smart idea to help out the stray animals. Those animals need care as well. If we could control the animals illnesses by treating all the domesticated animals, it could also help us to get rid of some diseases. I think it is a really smart idea to treat all animals and not just the ones that people own.

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