This blog is part of the Animal Spay and Neuter International continuous work on behalf of the homeless animals. Apart from the thousands of spay and neuter surgeries we do every year we are also involved in the treatment of homeless animals who without us would be left to suffer in silence. Broken bones, preventable diseases, intoxications, horrible skin conditions, accidental as well as intentional injuries we see it all.

Homeless Animal Hospital Family Vet Craiova

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  1. nancy says:

    Treatment for a dog by ASNI, owned by an impoverished woman, for a deadly rattlesnake bite:
    Amanda Sanders:
    Every dog owner knows the heartbreak of seeing one of your best dogs hurt or in our case close to dying. The saying, “To know him is to love him,” is and understatement! Vern is the kind of dog anyone would be lucky to own. Everyone that knows him wants him and when they heard that he got bit they all said, “Oh no, not Vern!”

    Vern was chasing squirrels. He chased one into a downed pine tree and as he jumped on the tree he landed on a rattle snake. Right away he lifted his paw and froze, it was bad! My brother packed him horseback for a few miles and then they left him in the cabin until they could get the truck back to pick him up. He got bit around 4pm but by the time they got out of the hills it was 11pm. I made numerous calls all night with the horrible feeling knowing there was no way I could afford the costly treatment. How do you make that choice?

    Thankfully, Nancy Janes and Animal Spay Neuter International stepped in to help. When I explained my situation to Nancy she said “Take that dog back to the vet right now and I will help you.” Words can’t explain how much it meant to hear her say that. He had to get numerous bags of fluids, two plasma transfusions, pain meds, antibiotics, and round the clock care. It was touch and go for a while never completely sure he would pull through because his blood wouldn’t clot and he was in so much pain. Thankfully with the help of Animal Spay Neuter International he has made a full recovery and is back to his old wonderful self again!

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