Surprise box

We have seen many surprise boxes but thisparticular one is special. The box was found in a winter morning when the person left for work. In the box there was this sweet cocker spaniel puppy that moves a bitfunny with the hind legs. He took the puppy in his home but he already had two dogs and a third one was a bit too much for the house so the gentleman asked HAH for help. Next day the puppy got adopted by one of our nurses!!!


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Pit stop to save a life !

This stray tiny girl gave birth to a dead puppy last Wednesday, but nobody knew there was another one coming. Last evening she went into labor again, so the ladies who take care of her in the street took her to see a vet, but he said there are no more puppies. The ladies took the tiny girl home where they tried to help her give birth, but couldn’t.The R.A.R. team was just packing after the Bacau free spay/neuter campaign – location was 50 km north from the town where the little dog lived, when we were called and asked if we are still in the area. Our vets stopped on the road home Sunday evening and performed emergency caesarian and spay. Unfortunately the pups were already dead but we could save the little mommy. She has a name : Sweet litlle Aggie will now be fostered in UK, so she will never go back to the streets. Our vet team and Aggie says thank you to you all people that support our work!!!


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Black Jackie

It is a rainy day . Very cold and windy and the vet team is ready to call it a day when two people bring in a black pittbull female dog that is bleeding heavily. The dog is taken immediately to the exam room and we find a vaginal hemoragic prolaps which was caused by mating with a way bigger male. The female dog was operated immediately and the bleeding was stopped. A much needed spay surgery was performed and we were awaiting the people take it bavk home. Our suprise was that the people did not want the dog anymore so they asked us to take the dog and reading between the lines they threatened to dump the dog …. We started making calls and in 20 minutes we found a solution for her- brother of one of our nurses came to see her and fell in live with her on the spot . We named her Jackie and it is a wonderful feeling to know that we were part in her new beginning in life a safe one. We dedicate her story to all our lovely supporters and friends. HAH team.



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2nd time lucky

Beautiful old towns like Craiova Romania have most of the times awful shelters. Animals are not respected and not even treated with minimum love. Managers insist that all animals that leave the shelter to be sterilized. Puffy the doggie in the picture was sterilized at the public shelter and today she was brought to us as she kept attracting males. The wound was not healed since the first surgery 6 months ago. We decided to open her abdomen and see what the problem was and if we can fix it. We found sutures that looked like pirate ropes , uterus almost intact and a part of the right ovary in a big adhesion with the kidney, pancreas urinary bladder and peritoneum. Have we postponed the surgery she would have surely died slowly and painful. We helped this dog gladly she received antibiotics and painkillers and her caretaker is really happy!!! We made a dog healthy again – we made our day!!!


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People with big hearts!

Another day at HAH where we see a range of the most various medical problems. This post is dedicated to all the rescuers that bring animals to us to be examined and then they take care of them. Countless lives have been saved because of the most deficated people i have ever met. They fight fiercely for every heart beat , bottle feed dogs and cats they foster them for long oeriods of time and they look for an adopter for their rescues. They have no big financial possibilities but they have the most valuable thing: love! We are here to help the animals in their care and to guide them when the time comes to let the souls go to heaven. There is no pictute in this post as they do not want to be mentioned. They want to stay anonymous and to focus on their dream – a workd without pain and misery for the animals. We HAH team are their partners in this quest and with your help we continue to help with whatever we can! Wish you all the best nameless Heroes ! Meeting you i know that this world has a chance!!!

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Black dog – 3 surgeries !

I started my shift knowing there is a severely wounded dog awaiting for me at the clinic. Here she was : 6 kg emaciated female dog that looked at me with warm eyes you could barely see through the thick hair covering her face. She was ran over by someone that could not afford the treatments but was kind enough to seek help and there we were for him. Dog had a bad pelvis injury and a bone fracture in her forelimb. Basically she could not move at all because of the pain and we needed to perform a major surgery so that she will be pain free and able to walk again. As she was emaciated her body tenperature dropped at the end of the first surgery so we had to postpone the second one which we did the next day. After a couple if days she could walk again. The person that ran her over adopted her and she gas now a second safe life. Before she went home she underwent a third major operation : we trimmed her hair so we could see clearly her beautiful eyes !!!





/home/wpcom/public_html/wp-content/blogs.dir/07e/62963129/files/2014/12/img_8143.jpg here is a little video at the clinic

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Snowing cats and dogs- Es schneit ” Hunde und Katzen”

It’s “snowing cats and dogs”…
It is snowing outside.. and looking back at our year we think of the dogs that will be born in the snow on the fields and in the woods where they were dumped. I see the snowflakes fall down in large numbers on the ground yet not all of them will survive they will disappear and only after a while we see the layer of the pure snow – the ones on the street are walked on by passers by or cars too busy or in a hurry to look at the beauty under their feet or tires. At the point when we see the nice white soft blanket of little tiny ice crystals many many snowflakes have died and then we humans shovel it away as it stands in our way. Snowflakes dance in the air just like puppies or kittens play . Innocent and pure . The same faith have the homeless cats and dogs. Many many die before we even get to see them and when they are visible we walk pass them in a hurry. Sometimes we consider them a menace and catchers are called to remove them from our path some drivers run them over and the are horribly walled on the highways. The difference is the snow happens once a year and the puppy and kitten season twice a year. Another difference is that the snow never dies and never has pain or gets hurt. It does not suffer from hunger or thirst and by all means it enjoys the cold. I do not want to stop the snowflakes from falling but i sure do want that spay and neuter efforts are increased as the only humane solution for the problem ….

Es “schneit Katzen und Hunde” …
Draußen schneit es… und wenn wir auf unser Jahr zurückblicken, denken wir an alle Hunde, die im Schnee auf den Feldern und in den Wäldern, wo sie ausgesetzt wurden, geboren werden. Ich sehe die Schneeflocken in großer Zahl auf den Boden fallen, noch bleiben sie nicht alle liegen… sie sterben, sie werden verschwinden. Und erst in einer Weile werden wir eine Ebene reinen Schnees sehen – die Menschen auf der Straße sind in Eile, Passanten und Autos sind zu beschäftigt, um die Schönheit unter ihren Füßen oder Reifen zu beachten. Dann, wenn die schöne weiße weiche Decke von winzigkleinen Eiskristallen auf der Erde liegt, für die viele viele Schneeflocken gestorben sind, schaufeln wir Menschen sie weg, weil sie uns stört. Schneeflocken tanzen in der Luft wie Welpen oder Kätzchen die spielen. Unschuldig und rein. Den gleichen Gedanken haben wir über die Obdachlosen Hunde und Katzen. Viele, viele sterben, bevor wir sie sehen, sie sind unsichtbar, weil wir in Eile sind. Manchmal halten wir sie für eine Bedrohung und rufen die Hundefänger, um sie von unserem Weg zu entfernen. Einige Autos überfahren sie und so liegen sie wie ein schrecklicher Wall an den Autobahnen.
Der Unterschied ist, Schnee gibt es einmal im Jahr, Welpen und Kätzchen werden zweimal im Jahr geboren. Ein weiterer Unterschied ist, dass der Schnee nicht wirklich stirbt, er spürt keinen Schmerz und wird nie verletzt. Er leidet nicht an Hunger oder Durst, er genießt die Kälte.Ich will sicher nicht die Schneeflocken davon abhalten auf die Erde zu fallen, aber eingeschneite Hunde und Katzen möchte ich sicher nicht…

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