Kämpfer für die Strassenhunde trifft Iohannis

Article from our friends in Germany –

Map Of Hope

BREAKING NEWS: Klaus Iohannis and rescuer talk about stray dog problem / Klaus Iohannis und Tierschützer sprechen über Strassenhundeproblem

Source: Homeless Animal Hospital

Romania Animal Rescue’s Dr. Aurelian Stefan and the President of Romania met at the USA Embassy July 4 celebration. Dr. Aurelian was able to explain to President Klaus Iohannis that we animal lovers are counting on him to help us!

Dr. Aurelian Stefan von Romania Animal Rescue und der Präsident Rumäniens trafen sich in der amerikanischen Botschaft anlässlich der Feiern zum 4.Juli. Dr. Aurelian nutzte die Gelegenheit, Präsident Klaus Iohannis darauf anzusprechen, dass wir Tierfreunde auf ihn zählen, uns zu unterstützen!

aurelianiohannisInterview mit/with Dr. Aurelian Stefan:

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Going South

Animal Spay Neuter International was contacted to help in Bulgaria where a local animal activist needed help with spay and neuter for her animals but also for the poor getto animals she was feeding daily. We crossed the Danube going south and we reached the destination in 5 hours. We managed to spay 70 animals and to remove a big tumor in a big shepherd dog. One surgery was special – one very skinny momma dog came with her 3 pups and we accepted them all for surgery as there was a chance of sale adoption and those pups would reproduce again and again. The female dog was so skinny and we believed the owner s story she ate a baby goat one day. He beat her very bad and she never did it again. From now on she will use all the food for herself and will hopefully put some weight. We hope will return in the area for more surgeries and more help. We also provided 50 vaccines and external parasite treatment for all the dogs that needed it . Thank you all people that donate towards such projects! 


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It is late evening and the phone rings. It is about a stray dog somebody was feeding On the side of the road and now he found her in seazures. We helped the little sweet Female Dog and kept her over night. Next day the good samaritan found her pups and brought them to us . Now she nurses the three pups and we are looking for a foster place and for families for the pups. We only wish she was spayed and spare the dangers that the pups might encounter like parvo and distemper. Please share this post with Your friends: 


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Spay and neuter is the future!

Today our vets were present in 3 towns in Romania providing spay and neuter for the local animal lovers. Their financial powers are limited when it comes to save tens of dogs a year so this is where we step in for help. M.A.S.H like clinic and 62 animals were sterilized today . Look at those happy faces :&))) 


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Das Hundeproblem ist ein Menschenproblem

Map Of Hope

…warum wir schneller sein müssen als die Hundefänger

bg aurelianInterview mit: Dr. Aurelian Stefan, Craiova

Datum: 15.04.2015

Ausgeführt durch: Eckhard Kretschmer

Map Of Hope: Guten Abend Aurelian! Ich freue mich, daß Du die Zeit zu diesem Telefonat gefunden hast. Die Leser der mapofhope.de haben sich ein Gespräch mit Dir gewünscht, und es soll heute Abend um Dich, Deinen Werdegang, Dein Engagement gehen, und darum, wie die Situation der Strassenhunde in Rumänien aktuell aus Deiner Sicht ist, und welche Lösungen Du siehst.

Warum ich Tierarzt geworden bin

10172596_10206207715940185_2773176056467867148_nDr. Aurelian Stefan: Ich bin in Bukarest geboren. Ich bin ein Bukarester, aber meine Schulferien habe ich immer bei meinen Verwandten auf dem Land verbracht. Da war eine Kombination von reiner Armut, reine Landwirtschaftliche Arbeit, die immer mit Tieren zu tun hatte. Das bedeutet, die Leute, die armen Leute, verliessen sich ganz auf die Tiere, die sie jeweils auf ihrem Hof hielten. Pferde, Kühe, alle…

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Not her choice…

Kimmy is a black blend dog. She arrived from a village near Craiova after trying for 2 days to give birth. We decided to perform an immediate C section to save her life. We found 3 pups inside her and one of them was blocked as it was very big. The pups were all dead but we saved Kimmy. HAH help came right on time and she went home to her owner after spending one night with us. She went home to her family that learned a tough lesson : breeding your pet is something that involves a great deal of risks  and you should be prepared for them. Bye bye Kimmy! 


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New fashion in town!

Craiova the town where we are based is also the town where city hall has no long term plan regarding the homeless dogs and cats. The numbers of stray animals in need for a home exceeds the numbers of available homes of foster places so the rescuers have to come up with new ideeas in order to find a home for the animals they rescue every day. Meet Bruno, a lovely senior labrador that was found wondering the streets and with a “funny hind legs walk”. He has also a problem with his genitals. X-ray showed a severe spine fracture that healed incredibly well and we were quite amazed he can walk. We operated his genitals and sterilised him and he is now awaiting a loving family.



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Surprise box

We have seen many surprise boxes but thisparticular one is special. The box was found in a winter morning when the person left for work. In the box there was this sweet cocker spaniel puppy that moves a bitfunny with the hind legs. He took the puppy in his home but he already had two dogs and a third one was a bit too much for the house so the gentleman asked HAH for help. Next day the puppy got adopted by one of our nurses!!!


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Pit stop to save a life !

This stray tiny girl gave birth to a dead puppy last Wednesday, but nobody knew there was another one coming. Last evening she went into labor again, so the ladies who take care of her in the street took her to see a vet, but he said there are no more puppies. The ladies took the tiny girl home where they tried to help her give birth, but couldn’t.The R.A.R. team was just packing after the Bacau free spay/neuter campaign – location was 50 km north from the town where the little dog lived, when we were called and asked if we are still in the area. Our vets stopped on the road home Sunday evening and performed emergency caesarian and spay. Unfortunately the pups were already dead but we could save the little mommy. She has a name : Sweet litlle Aggie will now be fostered in UK, so she will never go back to the streets. Our vet team and Aggie says thank you to you all people that support our work!!!


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Black Jackie

It is a rainy day . Very cold and windy and the vet team is ready to call it a day when two people bring in a black pittbull female dog that is bleeding heavily. The dog is taken immediately to the exam room and we find a vaginal hemoragic prolaps which was caused by mating with a way bigger male. The female dog was operated immediately and the bleeding was stopped. A much needed spay surgery was performed and we were awaiting the people take it bavk home. Our suprise was that the people did not want the dog anymore so they asked us to take the dog and reading between the lines they threatened to dump the dog …. We started making calls and in 20 minutes we found a solution for her- brother of one of our nurses came to see her and fell in live with her on the spot . We named her Jackie and it is a wonderful feeling to know that we were part in her new beginning in life a safe one. We dedicate her story to all our lovely supporters and friends. HAH team.



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